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High class design and a passion for sport: discover what Lotto Sport Italia has to offer for running and fitness.

Study, research and development are integral to specific running technology and Lotto's running shoes. Whether you run on asphalt, off-road or on the track, whether you are training for a long-distance marathon or want to stay fit, you will find the running shoes best suited to your needs in Lotto Sport Italia's catalogue. Thanks to ongoing technological innovation and the design of specific collections for women, men and children, Lotto Sport Italia's running shoes are guaranteed to be lightweight and stable, offering continuous support for the movement of the foot, and with ideal levels of cushioning, reactivity and comfort for every type of runner. Lotto Sport Italia's new range of fitness shoes is designed for women who want to keep fit, tone up and stay in shape: bold trainers sporting colours or all-in-black are perfect for the gym or for sport in general.